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tv   Fox 45 Good Day Baltimore  FOX  April 26, 2011 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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we have a schooo closing to pass along to you this morning. eastern technical high school in bbltimore county s losed due to no power. 3 3 3
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3 3 new developments in a story transgenner woman viciously beaten at a mcdonalds in rossdale.while most of the workers there did nothing to stop the attaak... oneewoman did step up. this vvdee captured on a pee two teens beating crissy polis, kicking her and at ne point... dragging her acroos the floor after an arugument that started in the bathroom. polis says it was fuelle by her sexualitt.she goes on to have a seizure while a mcdonald's worker recorded the whole thing.the 22 year old says most of the restaurant workers did nothing... but one custommr... vicky thoms... did help.she was punched in the
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face, trying to save polis. her get off of her, you're - killing her""they were &pwere beating her, it was like they were killing her, they wanted her dead" dead"a 14 year old along with 18 year old ttonna brown... who you see here, have both beenncharged with assault. according to court documents, brown, was actually charged last yyar with a similar mcdonalds. the strong reaction to yet another beating sparked a rally at the rosedale mcdonalds yesterday. 3 the farewell to baltimore's favooite son, emotional tour of charm city yesterday, the body of williaa donald schaefer is now lying &pin state at city hall. hall. joel d. smith is live there with details on how mournees can still pay their respects. good morning joel d. good mooning
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megan, when you affect as many lives aa the former mmyyr and 3 &p and in honor of schaefer... baltimore city is obseeving today as a manddtory furlough day.theeday was previously scheduled for friday, may 27th, but was moved ... giving city wookers more time to pay thier respects to schaafer. fox45 wiil broadcast the funeral for tomorrow. our live coverage begins at 11 a-m.... the funeral will also be streamed through our website.. foxbaltimore dot com. students at a northhcarolina life of fellow classmate... phylicia barnes. assembly was held in honor of phylicia at the school where she used to attend.the school's headmaster says t's been a touuh few months for barnes' ccassmatts and friends. "we had persevered in hope that phylicia would be rrturned to her family in atlanta,,but that was not the c"
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case."barnes vanished in december... while visiting family in baltimore.her body was foond last week... in a cecil county river... aaout 40 miles away from where she was last seen. there's mixed reaction to news... thaa the new york city library system is allowing porr to be viewed on its comput. of porn s protected by the ffrst amendment... but ... it has religioos groups.. and some library users... fuming. what stirred up the debate again was what happened at this library a few weeks back. acccrding to police and the libbary...a man was watching porn and went over his time limit. a guy waiting got upset anddstarted fight.that guy was arresttd for assault. the guy watching porn was let go.according to theebbooklyn and new york ciiy public librariess.. it comes down to thh first amendment. "there's a lot of kids thht do attend this branch. so i think it would be messsd up sttff.""wwen i want to look someone's watching porn. i'm - gging to sllp them in the head."
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head." according to the first amendment, the new york public library cannot prevent adult content that is leeal.of course, chhld porn is not allowed. a new study reveals some surprising facts... about teenn researcc says teens and young adults are having less sexxthe centers for disease connrol conducted the suggests .. about twenty nine percent of women and twenty seven percent of men had not haa sexual contaat with the oppositee ex. this was a sharp increase from two thousand two. the f-d-a approves a drug... that vaccinaaes babbes as young as nine months... against meningitis.for yearss.. theevaccine callld on peoppe over the age of tww. but infants and toodlers are particularly vulnerable to the potentiilly deadly disease. meningitis is an nflammation oofthe membranes that cover the brain and ppnal cord. thh f-d-a says up to 15-perceet of peopll who develop meningiiis... die. a judge has lifted thh n-f-l lockout ... but that doesn't
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mean players an hit the field ust yet. yet.the judge ordered the owners to lift the strike but... the league is promising to appeal the decision.ii the lockout ends... the league would have to let playees back in...right now, he strike is threatening the start of the regular seassn in september. together again? again?the project that could bring paulaaabdul and simon cowell back to the judges taabe. table.and next.. it'll be music to your this mussc.. has tte power to heal. you're watching fox 45 ood day watching fox 45 good day baltimore. ((bump out)) túgñ 3
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you can harmonize with tuning up your health..mercy medical center and the maryland state boychoir are hosting "the healing power of music."kathy helzlsuer is live with the details on thii morning's hometown hotspot.--what is
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goinn on at the "healing power of music" concert?--what do the proceeds benefit?--what does the cancer recovery program at mercy medical center do?--peefom --perform
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3&pthe healing power of music concert is at the maryland sttte boychoir center for the arts sunday at 2:30pm.ffr more information, log on to fox baltimore dot com slash morning. we're giving you your own peesonal trriner... for ffee.a fitness pro is taking your questions... the lines are open now.. give us a call at 410-481-4545. you can also post a question on our facebook page. page. you're watching fox 45 good day baltimore. &p((break 2))
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3 could be teaming up again... for cowell'' new show "the x factor."the former american pdol" judge ays he's in talks with abdul to have her join the judges panel for the talent competition.cowell says he's always liked working with the singer... and that they "the x factor" debuts this ther- can watch it righh here... on fox45.
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3p3 3- map fiber map 195 map 50 at 97
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up. our fitness expert is taking your questions next. next. the lines are open now.. give us a call at 410-481-4545. you can also post a question on our facebook page. you''e watccing fox 45 you're watching fox 45 good day baatimore. p(break 3))
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túgñ3 trainee dannyylee from gold's gym.he joined us in the eight o-clock hour.. now he's back to answer your your fitness questions. if you have one... at 410-481-4545. you can send us a tweet at fox baltimore... or go through our facebook
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page. kelly- bmore (belly)kelly- dundalk parms)john- linthicum
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liithicum rak "what's the best rak 33 "what's the best foods o eatt
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that'll give you energy?" denise no matter how hard i my stomach. what ind of lose excerriseecan do to get rid of it? shneka "i get so winded when i try to run. what shoold i do?" p a nun.. trapped in an el. elevator.(nun)"it was either
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panic or pray... "" "" how many pays she spent alone.. and the safe. you're pt her saf. watchiig fox 45 good day ((brea
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3 we have a school closing to pass longgto you this morning. easttrn technical high school in baltimore county is closed due to no pooer.
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fiber map 3- 3 just liie much of hii donald schaefer is being liam - turnee into a celebration.
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celebrattonn jool d. smith is live at city hall, where the goodbyes ccntinue for baltimore's favorite son. ggod mmrning joel d. you affect as many lives ass the former mayor and akes some time to say goodbye. opens up at 9am visitors who want to see the casket for themselves few more moments with the man who for more than 50 years. not until tomorrow, and when the real tears will come.... because much of felt and a huge the hundreds thht pant to show ow because they believe he did. city council presidentt to mayorr then comptroller, some joked he just to run for. but from dignitaries, to the common people, he made is mark no matter hat his title. 3 but once again, city hall rotunda will open here at 9am for the public to come and pay its respects.... for 12 morr hours... until 9 tonight. and if you cannt can actually see it all on our website, where we are streaming the morning nnws.
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3 again today, where the pubbic viewing will ccntinue from nnne nine p-m. we'll also be streaming the viewing on our website foxbaltimore &pdot com, during that time. time. and the funeral tomorrow, sttrting at 11am... - with buriallat dulaney valley memorial gardens. fox45 will
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broadcast the funerallfor william donall schaaeerr tomorroww ourrlive coverage begins at 11 a-m.... thee funerallwill also be streamed through our website.. &pfoxbaltimore dot com. a terrifying 9-1-1 call is released... revealing he moments after a toddler allegedly shoots ann kills his pwn mother. mother.the mother, father and apartment... when the son reporttdly grabbee an unattended gun.that's when the father called 9-1-1. take a listen. "okay, ho shot her?""i was taking the gun from him. i was trying to get it from him." "from who? froo who? from who?" god."the father has a permit for the gun.the victim's relatives are noo taking care of the boy... but police are still iivestigating. a man is arrested... for shooting his dog with a rifle. it happened around 7 o'clock last night... in westminster. policeewere called to the scene... after the mmn... 377 year-old heery zimmerman... was threatening to shoot the dog.when they arrived... the
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dog had alreadd been hot.the dog was rushed to aa animal to be euthanized.zimmerman now faces several charges... including animal crueltyyand reckless endangerment. another air traffic controller is fiied... for napping on the job. the f-a-a sayy this pas tte ásecondá time this particulaa controller wass pauuht sleeping.two other controllers ost their jobs last week... afttr sleeping on the job.the f-a-a has issued new regulationn... which they hope will prevent this from happening in thh future. drivers are feeling the pain at the pump as gas prices ...and it coold hurt more... you at this gullf station on falls road and cold spring lane... a allon of regular will cost you 3 dollarr and 97 cents.and of course .. driiers are not happy. "gas is ridiculous i have a 19966toyota camry you know it takes 57 dollars to fill this car up." up.""i find yself being confined in my home more
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((aughss ii's too much gas prices are too hhgh." &ppigh."the áaverageá cost of a gallon of gas ii maryland s 3 dollars and 89 cents. we can help you find the cheapest gas in youu neighborhood.our pump patrol expensive gas in the area is providence road in costt 4-dollars and 9 cents a gallon there therebut just oneemile aaay... at the "exxoo" at thh corner goucher boulevarddin towson... gas coots 20 cents less... gallon. we can help you ffnd deals llke this in your neighborhood...just go to fox- dot com slashhpump it'' nly a game... but that's not stooping some groups from getting upset. it's called ""og ars"... a phhne application that pesembles dog fightinn.the makers of the aap say the ame is supposed to raise aaareness aaout animal cruelty..ut others argue it makks dog fightinn look fun. organizations are now looking
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to get the ame pulled from the market. an 85 year old catholic nun iss raaped in an elevator for almost 4 days.... blessing. it - happened at st. mary of tte assumptioo's convent in govans. sister margaret geary ssys sse was alone in whhll the other sisters were outtof town for a onvention. elevator to get to her 3rd floor apartment... but fooud herself traaped... until tuesday morning. she spent the time praaing. 3 3&"the realiiation of goos loving presense in our lives, always...there is not a moment when god is not present to us and loving us." us." sister margaret survived on a little water, celery and cough rops. peep your car in tip top shape.. for less. you can get an oil channe.. for just 10 bucks. bucks. you're watching fox 45 good day
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look t look at this vid. video.the ld spice guy takes us behind the scenes of his new movie "madee's big happy family." you''e watching fox 45 good day baltimore.
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happening now... lying in state at baltimore's in the rotunda until 9 tonight. we'll be streaming the viewing on our website foxbaltimore dot coo, during that time. flagg are going up, cleaning crews are scrrbbing down and campinggout in loodon four days ahead of the royaa wedding.youure taking a live look at buckingham palace where a royal reception will take ppace after the nuptials of prince william and kate middleton on friday morring at
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westminster abbey. deadly storms are ripping across large chunks of the nation's midsection. and as tommy andres telll us.. at least five people have been killed by flash flloding, while dozens of ornadoes havv been reported. 3 all you could see was the trees going like a giant blender.crushing winds, flooding rains -- and tornadoes. arkansas ii under a state of emergency after severe storms ripped through monday. residents in garland &pcounty described seeing a large twister. right behind us i saw the funnel coming down, it was probably 65, 77 feet over the trees. we all ended up in the closst and then you could just hear crashinn and stuff being pnocked around and blown around and it just tore us up. in arkansas... officials say killed. rescue ttams are still sifting through the rubble searching for victims. in texas, a funnel cloud was caught on camera as it formed
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south of louisvvlle, kentucky a gas statton sits submerged.. the overnor has declared a statewide emergency there as flooding forces many peopll from their homes.the ohio and mississippi rivers flooding with the possibility of historic flooding. in poplar bluff, missouri -- hundreds of people along the swollen 'black river' have been evacuated.and we've never seen it like this ((butted to))this could be very imminent dangee within minutes. the state's national &pguard hhs been called out because a damaged levee =could= give way... leading to massive flooding.i'm tommy andres reporting. all ou could see was the treeesgoing like a crushing winds, flooding rains -- arkansas is under a state of emergency after the "oll spice guy".. comes to the big screen. screen.what he said.. when candace asked him to take his
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to william donald schaefer. the final preparations forrhis funeral.. on look at this look at
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me. now look at this video again..(((pop up isaiah in monitor)now look at hii!!!it's the old spice guu... isaiah mustafa.. and he is in the new movie "madea's big happy family". lions gate is maaing isaaah available tt talk with us about it this morning. alright.. we all pnow you as the old spice
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guy... tell us how you got this gig.this is your first time in a madea movie... what
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did ou think?let's talk about your role--i understand you are on madea's good side.this movie has a strong message behind it... some ggod lessons you can apply in
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everyday life. what are some of those. (((on cam)))adeaas big happy family is in theaterr now. the temperatures are creeping up.when it could lead to some thunderstorms.steve's got your 7-day ffrecast.. after the break. you're watching fox 45 gooo day baltimore. áá7 day forecastáá @
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